Selling your home can be an exciting but stressful time. You’re moving on to the next chapter of your life, but you’re also saying goodbye to the home where you lived for a significant amount of time. When you’re overwhelmed with all the things you need to do in order to sell your home, it can seem difficult to reach out for the very help you need. After all, you’re already so busy, and what if a realtor isn’t really necessary? Wouldn’t that just overcomplicate the process.

But often it’s the opposite that is true. While you aren’t required by law to have a realtor in order to sell your home, you may find that without one, it will be a much longer, more daunting process. In the end, it will benefit you more to hire a realtor. Here are a few reasons why:

It Adds Credibility

In the world of real estate, there are two types of realtors: listing agents and buying agents. Again, neither are legally necessary to list your home or purchase a new home, though both are incredibly beneficial. If you choose not to hire a realtor to help sell your home, your home will be listed as “for sale by owner.” 

The problem is that many buying agents will not show their clients homes that are “for sale by owner.” The buying agent typically prefers to deal with a professional during the negotiations — plus there’s a risk that the buying agent won’t receive a commission if their client chooses a FSBO home. Having a realtor will add credibility to your listing and open further doors for you.

It Takes Stress Off Of You

As stated above, selling your house and moving can be a stressful process. There’s so much that you have to do already. Your realtor can’t pack up your house for you or arrange for the movers who will send you to your new home. But they can take some of the stress off your shoulders by handling the negotiations, the staging, and the particulars of the listing when it comes to selling your home. That frees up more of your time and energy to tackle the rest of your list.

It Lends Expertise

Chances are at most you’ve sold a few houses in your lifetime. A realtor, however, is an expert when it comes to selling houses. This is what they do every day. They know the housing market like the back of their hand, and they know the local area well enough to know what local homebuyers are looking for. When you choose to work with a realtor, you’re paying for an expertise that you simply wouldn’t have on your own, and it will help you get the most from your sale in the least amount of time.

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