With its thriving neighborhoods and endless opportunity for adventure, it’s easy to understand why Howard County is routinely ranked one of the best places to live in the United States. But, if you think you know everything there is to know about this diverse county, think again. Howard County still has a few fun secrets up its sleeve. 

We’re an Award-Winning County

Residents of Howard County have a lot to make us proud. National news organizations have ranked HoCo highly in everything from safety to education. Our amphitheater, Merriweather Post Pavilion, was even named by Rolling Stone as one of the top 10 amphitheaters in the country. We’ve been named one of the most technologically advanced areas of the country, one of the healthiest communities, and one of the fittest cities in Maryland. Our library system routinely receives high marks. 

Individual cities have been singled out, too. In 2019, Ellicott City was named one of the coolest suburbs in America by Apartment Therapy and one of the best places for pet lovers by U.S News and World Reports. Its haunting history has even led to Ellicott City being recognized as one of America’s spookiest Halloween getaways!  Columbia, meanwhile, ranked in the top ten for summer jobs — and the second best place to get a new job — in 2019.  

Our Flag Was Decided in a Contest

In 1968, The Central Maryland News ran a contest to decide the design for the Howard County flag. Mrs. Jean O. Hannon was the contest winner and her design incorporates agriculture, industry, and the cross of the Maryland state flag. 

Patapsco Valley State Park Sees Over a Million Visitors a Year

Marylanders love spending time outdoors and Howard County has several beautiful parks that appeal to walkers, runners, and bikers of all ages. Patapsco Valley State Park is an especially popular choice. Over a million people each year enjoy the park’s stunning scenery and exciting recreational opportunities. 

We Scream for Ice Cream

Howard County is home to one of the largest ice cream plants in the U.S. In 2004, the plant — known as Laurel Operations Center — was said to be as large as 14 football fields! You can thank this sweet Howard County treat for the production of some of your favorite ice creams, including Dreyer’s, Haagen-Dazs, Edy’s, Nestlé, and Skinny Cow.  

Looking for something fun to do with the kids during the coronavirus pandemic? You can make ice cream in a bag with Howard County’s Terrapin Adventures

We Welcomed the First Interstate

The Historic National Road, known as America’s first Interstate Highway, started in Howard County. The road paved the way (literally) for important travel during the historic westward expansion of the 19th century. Get to know the background and beauty of the Historic National Road right from your home with online videos.

You Can Have Virtual Howard County Experiences

Howard County is known for its wonderful restaurants, farmers markets, and entertainment events. With the coronavirus keeping us at home, HoCo residents and business owners have gotten creative. You can participate in virtual activities and tours with your family online. Kids will also love the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s virtual tour. You can even use the HoCo Food Go map to select safe, socially distanced restaurant options. 

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