With the difficulties brought into our lives this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the perfect time to fill our homes with holiday cheer. In fact, many people have already started decorating to boost their spirits. Are you ready to deck the halls of your own home? Here are some helpful holiday decorating tips as we enter into this new season:

Choose a Color Scheme

From the traditional red and green of Christmas to sparkly gold, bright pink, or wintry white, there are seemingly endless color option possibilities when decorating for the holidays. Decorating within a color scheme will make your home style feel cohesive. 

Decorate Every Room In Your Home

If you usually only decorate your living room or main room, go ahead and try to add a few decorations to the other rooms in your home, as well. A wreath hanging in the bathroom or some holiday-themed linens in the bedroom can make your home feel so much more joyful during the holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas, you might even put a small Christmas tree in all of the bedrooms. Your child will love having their own tree to decorate with treasured ornaments and favorite colors! 

Consider Bringing in Real Plants

Fresh garlands, living wreaths, pinecones, and even real life Christmas trees add a natural element to your holiday decor. Poinsettias, Christmas cacti, rosemary, and pine plants will also give your home a refreshing holiday smell. 

Include Lights and Candles in Your Decor

Lights are a fundamental part of most holidays, but they’re also simply cozy and comforting in the home. Safely lighting candles or hanging lights inside and outside of the house are beautiful ways to enjoy the holidays. Like the plants, candles also bring in the familiar scents of winter. 

Not a fan of candles, but still want those lovely holiday smells? Make apple cider with mulled spices or put together a holiday simmer pot. Pile your favorite holiday ingredients, like cinnamon sticks, cloves, cranberries, vanilla, star anise, and even pine needles, into a saucepan filled with water. Let the pan simmer for up to half an hour, adding water as needed. The result will be a wonderful wintry scent throughout your entire house. 

Are you planning to sell your home this winter? Simmer pots can also be great ideas for open houses. 

Create an Entryway Display

The entryway table can be especially fun for the kids to help decorate. Decorate yours with holiday figurines, lanterns, garland, and cleverly written felt letter boards. Looking for letter board inspiration? Have your kids use quotes from their favorite holiday movies!

Invest in Proper Storage for Easy Clean-Up

Ornament boxes, storage bags, and drawstring pouches for candles are all terrific investments for keeping your holiday decorations neat and secure for every season. It will also make it much easier to find your decorations each year. 

Don’t Forget to Decorate Outside

You’ll leave passersby with a great first impression when you include simple pieces like a seasonal wreath, outdoor rug, or fresh poinsettias on your front porch. Hanging lights or putting up tasteful yard displays are also fun ways to have a well-decorated home from the outside to the inside. Classic seasonal decorations can boost your curb appeal if you’re looking to sell, so you could potentially grab the interest of future home buyers with your inviting design. 

Decorating for the Holidays and Selling Your Home?

If you’re planning to sell your home this winter, you can still enjoy decorating for the holiday season. The key to decorating while planning to sell is to use minimal, stylish decorations while remembering to keep your home looking less personalized when being toured by potential buyers. After all, you want them to be able to imagine themselves in your beautiful holiday space. 

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