Selling a home comes with many questions and considerations. Do you have enough equity in the house? Are you mentally prepared for the emotions that come with letting go of a place where you’ve made memories? If you’ve decided that you are ready to take the leap and sell, then one more question may weigh on your mind: Is this the best time of year to sell a house?

Spring is usually thought of as the best season for home selling, but that isn’t true in all cases. In fact, each season has its benefits when it comes to home buying and selling. Here’s a closer look at how each season can potentially impact your own selling experience:

Selling Your House In the Spring

Last year, an analysis by Zillow found that Baltimore homes listed in April and May sold for the most money. This is understandable, since spring ushers in the arrival of warmer weather and longer daylight hours after the winter months. Since there are so many people looking for a home in the spring months, this also contributes to better sales.  

Selling Your House in the Summer

After spring, the summer months of June and July are next considered peak buying and selling times. For families, summer is a common time to buy a new house thanks to summer vacation. Of course, this also means more competition among sellers in these warmer months. Improving your curb appeal (your home’s first impression from the outside) is an especially important task during these warmer seasons, so that you can compete with the other houses on the market.  

Selling Your House in Autumn

One of the best things about selling a home after the spring and summer season is precisely because less homeowners are selling. Since there are less homes on the market, buyers are more likely to express interest in your house. Plus, fall is a beautiful season, giving you unique opportunities to decorate and stage your home for potential buyers. Think pumpkins on the front porch and warm, cozy colors on the sofa. 

Selling Your House in the Winter

Like autumn, winter sellers benefit from less homes on the market and cozy staging options for maximum appeal. Potential buyers who are looking to buy a home outside of the peak spring and summer seasons are more likely to be serious about their searches, as opposed to simply looking, which could also give you an advantage. January and February are two of the most common months for job relocation, so buyers who have accepted a new career assignment are often house hunting in winter and ready to move quickly. 

VSells & Associates: Helping You Sell All Year

You can’t always predict when you need to sell your home. At VSells & Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to help you sell your home regardless of the time of year. Contact us today for more information on the housing market and to move forward in selling your Baltimore-area home.