Listing your home for sale can be daunting, especially when you start to realize all the things that need to be repaired, cleaned, and downsized prior to listing. But, did you know that maintaining your house after listing can make or break the success you have when selling? Once your house is available for curious eyes to see, you need to make sure you keep up with the routine maintenance to showcase all the charm and beauty your home has to offer for the next family.

People often shop (and eat) with their eyes before sampling what the product they are shopping for has to offer. This is especially true with houses since you can’t exactly sample a house before purchasing it like you can with clothes or even, sometimes, food. Maintaining your home’s outward and inward appearance should be high on the weekly to-do list, especially if you have already moved into your new home. states that “a home that’s maintained is bound to impress buyers” since no one wants to buy a property that has grass growing halfway up their legs or weeds sprouting throughout the garden. 

What if You’ve Already Moved Out?

If already vacated from your home, you’ll likely need to pay more attention to the outside of your house, lawn, and walkway more than the interior. Neglecting your home’s appearance will not only detract from the appeal for potential buyers, but “can be a bull’s-eye for vandals to break into your property” ( Curb appeal is something that not only is a key beneficial element in homeownership and preparing your property for listing, but is also something that must be maintained throughout the life of your ownership.

Maintaining your home’s curb appeal on a regular basis even long before listing is even a thought will help prevent any potential problems from worsening. recommends that sellers “trim [their] lawns, remove any weeds, and tidy up as necessary.” By doing this and ensuring it is done on a regular basis while your house is on the market will also help to prevent minor issues from “escalating into full-blown, money-sucking, sale-killing problems” ( In the event that you have already moved into your new home, and so maintaining your lawn and house’s general appearance is not as simple as just walking outside to mow the grass, you can opt to choose someone to be responsible for these tasks.

How To Keep Your Home Looking Sale-Ready

Leaving your new home to go back to your old one that is on the market just so you can mow the grass, pick some weeds, and do any other minor chores to keep the appearance as if it is pristine and the perfect home to purchase can become tedious and tiresome – even if you didn’t move hours or states away. The good news? You can delegate these tasks to someone else if you’re willing to chance that they will keep the maintenance at the highest possible level. says that you can have a discussion with your real estate agent to see if they would be willing to keep up with the routine maintenance, but to never assume that they are up for the added task. You may also have a particularly helpful neighbor, friend, or family member who is willing to help you out. Just bear in mind that ultimately the responsible to ensure the property is adequately maintained falls on the you, the seller.

What To Do if Maintaining Your House After Listing Seems Daunting

In the event you do not want to do the weekly maintenance, your agent can’t, and no one you know can help you out, hiring a lawn service to maintain your yard could be a worthwhile expense. Hiring a professional cleaning company to help keep your house looking its best can also be a great investment to help to ease the stress associated with selling your home.

 Listing your house can be exciting and rewarding while also frustratingly exhausting. Maintaining your house after listing and ensuring you keep up with its curb appeal all year long will significantly decrease the stress surrounding transitioning from one house to another. Keeping up with routine maintenance will also help ensure that you don’t lose out on any profit when you do finally list your home for sale.